Our Story

Lucian Families is an organization dedicated to supporting parents, co-parents, couples, single mothers and fathers in achieving their goals and aspirations for those roles and relationships.  We believe that:

  1. Healthy and thriving relationships are the cornerstone of meaningful and fulfilling lives
  2. People enter into relationships with the intention of being, doing and giving their best
  3. New information, strategies and skills improve the odds of having a successful relationship

Our president, Calvin Williams, spent over 20 years in the fatherhood field as a practitioner, curriculum author, program developer, trainer and policy advocate. Providing services to thousands of fathers, mothers, couples and co-parents, Mr. Williams saw the need for unique interventions tailored to leverage the innate power and possibilities of the human relational experience.

Lucian Families considers our work to be “the work of the heart”, striving for a mutually desired end with our clients: progress and results that produce meaningful and positive outcomes. Our approach is to use current and emerging science, research, knowledge and wisdom in an eclectic mix, synthesized to develop strategies and interventions that are relevant to our client’s needs, and that “hit the mark”.

Skillfully designed workshops, trainings, coaching and consultations are done with the highest regard for the people we serve. Lucian Families lends expertise, guidance and support to individuals and families who choose to improve their relationships, or who are struggling to achieve their needs and aspirations or their family relationships.  More broadly, our work with communities, associations or networks provides us the opportunity to participate in and support collective impact around family wellbeing.

Our expertise is used by businesses, organizations, schools, community groups and faith-based institutions. Lucian Families is experienced at partnering with nonprofit organizations seeking to add value to their efforts to achieve lasting positive outcomes with and for the people they serve.

Our Name

The name Lucian was very popular in the southern United States between the late 1800’s and the mid-200h Century. It has ancient historical lineage and usage in both France and Italy.  It means “light” or “illumination.” Personified it means “one who brings light”.