Fathers, co-parents, single mothers raising sons, and couples can all benefit from our parenting and relationship Coaching services. Navigating through the territory of parenting and relationships sometimes requires a little extra support. Look, any of us can get unbalanced, sideways or just plain out of sorts in our various relationships. Sometimes it helps to have an objective, skilled third-party to listen, sort through feelings and fears, and determine the best strategies for moving the relationship forward to the benefit of all parties involved.

Coaching is a great way to identify, clarify and resolve any issues that are preventing your parenting or co-parenting relationship from functioning better. It is not designed to determine the cause of any problem. While some of that may occur, Coaching focuses more on improving behaviors in the here and now by providing different perspectives on any issues, offering relevant information and knowledge, building skills, and holding people accountable to the goals and action steps that they commit to. A Lucian Families Coaching experience begins with listening and ends with results. We apply evidence-based strategies customized to your unique situation or needs.

Lucian Families Coaching sessions can be done in person or via communication technology. Your needs, schedule, and preference are primary considerations for how we work together to improve your relationship. Confidentiality, safety, and respect are foundational elements in all Lucian Families Coaching work.

Whether you’re a single mother challenged in raising a son, not-married parents navigating a break-up and shift to co-parenting, or a father needing support to achieve your goals for your fathering experience, Lucian Families can help. Contact us today for a brighter future tomorrow.